Points Terms & Conditions

Joboy Reward Points Terms & Conditions

By being a valued Joboy customer you are automatically enrolled in the Joboy reward program unless specified below, and you will be eligible for benefits as described below and to earn Joboy reward Points (“Coins”/“Points”), which can be redeemed as cashback (as defined below) on various services, merchandise, and other offers from time to time. By using the Joboy Rewards program, you agree to these terms and conditions.

There is no fee to join the Joboy Reward program, but all customers must supply valid contact information and update such contact information as necessary. In the event communication with a customer is necessary, Joboy will rely on the customer’s contact information on its records for such communications. Joboy has the right to terminate an account and/or revoke customer points if it determines, in its sole discretion, that an account has multiple email addresses and/or is suspected of being related to fraudulent or abusive activity. Joboy reserves the right to terminate the accounts and/or revoke points for customers without valid contact information.

Earning coins

  1. Refer a friend and get 500 Joboy coins
  2. Get additional 500 Joboy coins, when the referred friend uses a service the first time
  3. The referred friend gets 500 welcome coins
  4. Use services, by products or other merchandise and earn Joboy coins as below
    1. Get 10 Joboy coins for every Rs. 100 spent on the Joboy platform, subject to a minimum spend of Rs. 250 and maximum spend of Rs. 10,000
    2. Make online payments and get 2 coins for every Rs. 100 spent, subject to a minimum spend of Rs. 300 and maximum spend of Rs. 10,000. This is applicable only on payments made directly to Joboy bank account, or online through the Joboy platform. Payments made directly to service partners in any form will not be considered for this benefit
    3. For the purpose of points calculations, total spend will be rounded of to the lower 100 (Eg. For a spend of Rs. 577, this will be rounded off to 500 and customer will receive 50 points)

Redeeming coins

  1. Customers can redeem coins on Joboy services, products, and other merchandise. This facility may be extended in future to services outside the Joboy platform, in collaboration with our partners
  2. Customers will receive cashback of Rs. 20 for every 100 coins redeemed
  3. Redemption can be done only for a minimum of 1,000 coins and maximum of 10,000 coins at one time
  4. Redemption of coins will not be applicable where a discount code is used to avail a discount. Customers can choose between a discount or coins redemption at the time of payment
  5. The amount redeemed will be shown as cashback in the cash receipt available online or emailed to the customer

Privilege status

Based on their usage of the Joboy platform, and the star rating given to them by service providers, customers are given privilege status such as, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Customers do not have a right to claim a privilege status, and will be awarded as an additional benefit at the sole discretion of Joboy management

The different privilege statuses will be awarded to customers that have successfully satisfied at least one of the following two privilege account criteria for the particular privilege account level:


Joboy Silver Account

Joboy Gold Account

Joboy Platinum Account

Privilege points earned in a period of 6 (six) months





Benefits of Privilege status

  1. Priority customer service for Silver, Gold, and Platinum customers
  2. Gold customers get an additional 10% coins on every spend
  3. Platinum customers get an additional 25% coins on every spend
  4. Exclusive offers and deals for privilege customers from time to time

By participating in the program and using its benefits, you agree:

  1. to maintain and use only one Joboy Rewards account at any time;
  2. to be the only individual using your customer account in the program (i.e., not sharing your account with anyone unless expressly permitted by Joboy); 
  3. that you have provided valid contact information;
  4. that your name as shown on your program account matches your legal identification;
  5. that you only have one email address for the account;
  6. that you have read and understand these Terms and Conditions and agree with the terms;
  7. that you are at least 18 years of age or the age of majority in your country, state or province of residence, whichever is older; and
  8. that you have not enrolled as a company and/or other entity, as only individuals are permitted to enroll in the program.

If you choose to terminate your customer account, you should contact the Joboy customer care centre.

Joboy reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, alter, or otherwise update the Terms and Conditions for the program, and/or to modify, suspend, or cancel the program at any time, even though such changes may affect the value of rewards or points already accumulated. You should check the last updated date in the footer of these Terms and Conditions for notice of changes to them or to the program. If the footer indicates that the Terms and Conditions, or the program itself, have changed, you should review the changes carefully. By choosing to remain a program customer after Joboy has posted notice of such modifications or updates, and after you have had provided an opportunity to review the revised Terms and Conditions or program information, you agree to be bound by such revised Terms and Conditions or to be a part of the program as revised. The current program Terms and Conditions supersede all prior published program Terms and Conditions.

Our right to terminate your account, and to revoke or adjust point deposits. Joboy has the right to cancel any individual’s account, and to revoke any and all unredeemed points and/or benefits or rewards collected, for reasons that include, but are not limited to:

  1. customer’s violation of these Terms and Conditions;
  2. customer’s misrepresentation of any information or any misuse of this program;
  3. customer’s violation of any national, regional, or local law or regulation in connection with the use of these privileges;
  4. customer’s failure to provide and maintain valid contact information;
  5. customer’s failure to pay for the services availed or products, offers purchased;
  6. customer’s commission of fraud or abuse involving any portion of this program, including but not limited any conduct that improperly impacts the accumulation of points or rewards, or abuses the redemption aspects of the program (including the use of “bots” or other automated means of promotion entry);
  7. customer maintaining more than one active account;
  8. customer’s physical, verbal, or written abuse or harassment of Joboy personnel or its service provider’s personnel;
  9. abuse/misuse of any benefits or privileges provided by Joboy, or use of such benefits or privileges in violation of the applicable terms and conditions for them, including but not limited to the sale or barter of any points or point vouchers
  10. customer taking any other action or engaging in any other activities that are to the detriment of the program, all as may be determined by Joboy in its sole discretion. 

If Joboy cancels your customer account, the cancellation will be effective immediately, without notice to you.

If customer account is terminated either by customer or Joboy, the customer will lose all points, point vouchers, and benefits associated with the account, and the customer will no longer be able to earn or redeem points under this program.  If customer account has been terminated by Joboy for one of the reasons permitted in these Terms and Conditions, Joboy reserves the right to not permit the customer to re-enroll.

Joboy may withdraw points from a customer’s account if they were deposited into the customer’s account in error, and may revoke all points in a customer’s account if the customer abuses the program, including but not limited to abuse of the point redemption process.

In addition to the consequences set forth above, program violations, suspected fraud, or abuse in relation to promotions, points credit or reward usage is subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal action by appropriate governmental authorities and by Joboy, including, without limitation, freezing your account, the forfeiture of all point transfers, rewards, vouchers, or merchandise issued pursuant to point redemptions, and any accrued points in your account, as well as cancellation of the account and your future participation in the program.

Some employers, by policy, may prohibit or restrict employee participation in the program.  Some countries’ laws may also prohibit participation in the program or some aspects of the program. customers are solely responsible for complying with their employers’ policies and applicable laws. Joboy assumes no responsibility or liability for customers’ lack of compliance with such policies or laws.

  1. Arbitration. Except with respect to any claim or dispute involving the ownership, validity, or use of any Joboy trademarks or service marks, any dispute arising out of or related to the program Terms (including any claim that the program Terms are invalid, illegal, or otherwise voidable or void), seeking as relief money damages or points and/or attorneys’ fees or other damages will be subject to applicable Indian laws and will be dealt with in the jurisdiction of the courts of Kochi, Kerala. Joboy shall have the right in a proper case to obtain temporary restraining orders, temporary or preliminary injunctive relief, and/or declaratory relief (other than declarations with respect to the amount of money damages) from a court of competent jurisdiction. Other than as may be required by law, the entire arbitration proceedings (including, but not limited to, any rulings, decisions, or orders of the arbitrator) shall remain confidential and shall not be disclosed to anyone other than the parties to proceedings.
  2. Limitations Period. Any and all claims and actions arising out of or relating to the program Terms and Conditions must be started within 6 (six) months from the occurrence of the facts giving rise to such claim or action, or such claim or action shall be barred.
  3. Class Action Waiver. You agree that you will not file a class action against Joboy, participate in a class action against Joboy, file or seek a class arbitration against Joboy, or participate in a class arbitration against Joboy, for any claim or action arising out of the program or the program Terms.
  4. Release. By participating in the program, each program customer agrees to release, discharge, and hold harmless Joboy, its advertising and promotion agencies, their respective parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, and their directors, officers, agents, and employees from all claims or damages arising out of any use or misuse of the program by that customer.
  5. Protect Your Account Information. Each program customer is responsible for keeping his/her profile information up-to-date in the program and Joboy Rewards systems, including relevant contact information, such as mailing address and email address. Most personal information and communication preferences, except mobile number can be updated by logging into your account on the Joboy platform. Each program customer is responsible for restricting access to and maintaining the confidentiality of her customer account and PIN/password, and agrees to accept responsibility for the activities of anyone using her PIN/password.  When contacting the Joboy customer care centre about your account, you may be asked for additional information for fraud prevention and security purposes.
  6. The program and its benefits are offered at the sole discretion of Joboy and its subsidiaries and affiliates. Joboy may assign or transfer any rights or obligations under this program, or any other loyalty program, at any time to any related or unrelated entity, in its sole discretion.

Terms Relating to Joboy® Rewards points

  1. You may earn points for availing services, purchases, and other eligible charges (defined above) beginning with the date of your registration. Points will not be earned for purchases made prior to the date of the roll out of the program by Joboy.
  2. The number of points earned may vary by type of service, type of payment, and city/region. The number of points a customer must redeem in order to obtain applicable benefits may vary by type of usage.
  3. A “purchase” is defined as any activity on the Joboy platform such as services, merchandise, deals, or any other services, where the customer has made a payment.
  4. Points will be awarded after payment has been successfully confirmed in the Joboy portal.
  5. Customer benefits are only available for the individual customer to whom they apply. Any violation of this provision may result in cancellation of a customer’s account, and may also result in a hotel charging the applicable fees for non-eligible customers’ or non-customers’ use of customer benefits.
  6. Points have no retail value, are not redeemable for cash or any other form of credit, and have no value until presented for redemption in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. customers have no ownership interest in accrued points, and accrued points do not constitute property of a customer. Use of the word “earn” herein, or in marketing materials, in relation to program points shall mean “collect” and shall not mean that the points have any value until they are presented for redemption. Points may not be purchased or sold, and are not transferable, except as otherwise stated herein.
  7. Points Expiration. Reward points (Including levels of priority customer benefits) will expire if your customer account becomes inactive for a period of 6 (six) months or longer, which means your balance points will also be removed from your accounts and will no longer be available for redemption. To maintain the points in your customer account, you must have at least one “earn” or “redeem” transaction posted to your account every 6 (six) months. If you book a service or a product and subsequently cancel the request, the activity does not prevent point expiration. Points do not expire for privileged customers, as long as there is not change to their privilege status.
  8. Points from Promotions. Joboy Rewards may offer limited-time promotions that offer bonus points and/or credits. Those promotions are governed by these Terms and Conditions but may have additional terms and conditions specific to the individual promotion. Many of these promotions are only available to program customers who receive a specific, targeted communication from Joboy. Registration for a targeted offer for which you are not invited to participate is not permitted. Doing so is a program violation and may result in any or all of the following:  the freezing of your account, the forfeiture of all of your point transfers, rewards, vouchers, or merchandise issued pursuant to point redemptions, and any accrued points in your account, as well as cancellation of the account and your future participation in the program.
  9. Point Transfers. Transfer of points between customers, or between different accounts of a customer is in no way permitted.
  10. Other point awards. points may be distributed as rewards, recognition, or incentives, including in the form of point vouchers, by Joboy, our service partners or other participating companies and partners, and also by other companies with whom Joboy has agreements, to their employees and customers.  You can redeem your points online on the Joboy platform. For such redemtion, points will be deposited immediately into your account. You should retain a copy of your point voucher for 6 months or until your deposit appears on your account statement on the Joboy Rewards website. Point vouchers are distributed on a promotional basis only, and are subject to the terms and conditions set forth on the vouchers.
  11. Exclusions. 
    Except as expressly permitted elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions, points are not awarded for fractions of a Rupee spent, or for money spent on tax, VAT, GST, material charges, gratuities/tips paid directly to service personnel.
  12. For Bonus point package, additional terms and conditions apply, and you should review those if you purchase such packages.
  13. Points Adjustments. The points listed in your Joboy Rewards account are subject to change to reflect actual spent on the Joboy platform, any adjustments based on these Terms and Conditions or the terms of a promotion, corrected errors in points awarded and program changes. If you believe your account activity statement is inaccurate, contact your regional Joboy customer care centre. Point adjustments will not be made more than 60 days after the statement date.
  14. Data Protection. Under the data protection legislation of various countries, we are required to particularly draw your attention to the fact that by applying for program, and by virtue of your continuing to be a customer, you accept and explicitly authorize Joboy, in its capacity as data controller, by its subsidiaries, affiliates, and/or franchisees, and by the Joboy customer care centres, to do the following with the personal information you supplied during enrollment in the program or during the course of your customer account creation:  (i) process it, (ii) transfer it worldwide to any third parties with which Joboy is affiliated within the scope of the program, (iii) transfer it to third parties to process on Joboy’s behalf, where required by applicable law, or in the event of a company reorganization, merger, or acquisition, for use of such information in the administration of customer account records, or for use in connection with service, advertising, marketing, and communication purposes. Such third parties or Joboy may contact you by mail, fax, telephone, or email. In addition, Joboy may offer you a benefit in the form of an opportunity to receive information on goods or services that may be of interest or value to you, by providing various companies with a list of Joboy Rewards customers. If you reside in a country that requires such benefits to be offered on an opt-in basis, and you would like to opt-in, you will need to make the appropriate selection in the online platform or contact your Joboy customer care centre.
  15. Governing Law. These terms and conditions shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Union of India, without regard to its conflicts of law rules. Any dispute not covered by the terms of the Arbitration provision set forth in these program Terms may be filed only in the courts located in the state of Kerala, India.
  16. Communications Not Received. Joboy is not liable for loss of misdirected correspondence, requests, freight, or Reward Certificates that may be incomplete, illegal, delayed, lost, or stolen.
  17. Restricted by Law. This program or participation in it is not valid, and/or the awarding of points or partner miles/credits, and/or the granting of rewards is void, where prohibited or restricted by law in the customer's home country (domicile).
  18. Tax Liability. Taxing authorities may determine that Joboy Rewards points, rewards, cashback, received through participation may be subject to tax liability, including, without limitation, foreign, federal, state and local taxes, surcharges, security charges and departure taxes. In that case, any tax liability, including disclosure, connected with the receipt and/or use of rewards is the responsibility of the Joboy customer.
  19. Program Interpretation. Interpretations of program Terms & Conditions shall be at the sole discretion of Joboy.
  20. Transfer of Joboy® Rewards  points Upon Death. When an Joboy Rewards customer passes away, the customer's points may be transferred to the Joboy Rewards account(s) of the customer's beneficiary(ies). The request for transfer should be sent to the Joboy Customer care centre by the executor or administrator of the decedent’s estate, along with court documents showing authority, or by a sole beneficiary, along with copies of the decedent’s will and death certificate. The request must be received within one (1) year of the date of death. Transfer fees will be not be applicable.
  21. No Guarantees on Merchandise. Joboy, its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, franchisees, and agents make no guarantees, warranties or representations of any kind, expressed or implied, with respect to items of merchandise or products (including but not limited to merchandise or products obtained by redeeming points), or services of partners, and shall not be liable for any loss, expense (including without limitation, any legal fees), accident or inconvenience that may arise in connection with the use of such items or as a result of any defect or failure of such items. Any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are specifically disclaimed.

Privilege Levels

The Joboy® Rewards base customer level is Bronze. This section describes the requirements to be moved from Bronze status to other privilege status levels.

**Joboy Rewards Gold customers will receive a 10% privilege bonus on all points earned from qualifying purchases; Platinum customers will receive a 25% privilege bonus on all points earned from qualifying purchases. Privilege bonus points are not awarded for points received due to a special offer, promotion, Joboy bonus points Packages, or reward vouchers.

  1. The different privilege statuses will be awarded to customers that have successfully satisfied at least one of the following two privilege account criteria for the particular privilege account level:


Joboy Silver Account

Joboy Gold Account

Joboy Platinum Account

Points earned in a period of 6 (six) months




Additional points per usage





  1. Once a customer earns privilege account status, such status will be maintained through the the following 6 (six) months. At the end of the six month period, if the required points for the privilege level are available in the customer account, the status will continue for another 6 (six) months. At the end of the six month period, if the required number of points for the privilege level are not available in the customer account, the customer account will be downgraded to a lower level based on number of points available in the account.
  2. As a customer of the program, you may be entitled to special services and benefits on the Joboy platform. Benefits and services may change from time to time and may vary by city, country, and geographical region. 

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